e-OASI Hub


Each e-OASI Hub is equipped with a scalable and modular number of innovative and powerful EV chargers.

The charging service is fully inclusive, with ergonomic design and respecting all international operative standards.

The e-OASI comfort zone offers a wide range of enjoyment facilities with food and beverage, shops, showrooms, mobility services and working possibilities inviting the customers to “make it YOUR time”


We are building a network of e-OASI Hubs all over Switzerland. Consisting of Corridor along the highways and Metropolitan near urban areas as a comfortable alternative of home and work charging.

e-OASI Hub architecture, built with natural and eco-sustainable materials allows modular and adaptable spaces to e-mobility and comfort zone Operators Tenants. Assuring a recognizable Hub identity with specific colours and brand.

Customers’ engagement and fidelisation is favoured by the reservation and cross selling possibilities offered by e-OASI IT platform.

IT Platform

An integrated IT platform manages all Hub, Tenants and CustomerCustomer services.